Kingsley Healthcare is committed to investing and growing our person-centred care, currently delivered to 1200 residents, across 30 businesses. A significant sum of funds has been ear-marked for the redevelopment and upgrading of the existing homes. This will run alongside our vision to introduce new builds, of 66 beds, annually over the next 5 years. In addition, we aim to continue expansion of our Specialist Services, begun by the introduction of Glebe Farm in 2018.

The investment will focus on introducing the latest technology to our homes as well as enhancing environments and developing purpose built en-suite bedrooms, to promote independence and well-being. Kingsley is working with some of the most experienced architects and design teams across the Healthcare Industry in this commitment.

We are excited to develop each of our unique and character rich homes, which are already the bedrock to the communities they serve. In conjunction, we have placed an emphasis on constructing purpose built, 66 bed nursing homes. With a nationwide focus, work has commenced with a build in Brackley, South Northamptonshire. Negotiations have already begun for a second site in North Norfolk, currently awaiting planning permission.

The introduction of Glebe Farm (Winner - Pinders Design Awards 2019) has reinforced the plan to continue growth into the niche LD market. The nursing led, Learning Disability Care for Complex Needs and Challenging Behaviour, has had a great response from commissioners in Cambridgeshire and surrounding counties. Headed by Chris May, Director of Specialist Services, we are proud of the Innovative Model of Care and Support offered to our residents.

Latest Projects
Brooke Extension
Brooke House, Norwich
Planning Submitted
Lilac Extension
Lavender Cottage, Lowestoft
Planning Submitted



We have an viable track record of delivering high quality developments as well as creative and profitable property transcations.