Innovation & Technology

Technology can:

At Kingsley Healthcare, we understand the benefits that advancing technology can have in our care homes. Because of this, we have invested in a wide range of innovative products which can help our residents live a more fulfilled life whilst providing them with the best care.

This technology has improved communications between residents and their relatives, and also aid conditions such as dementia. As well as benefits for residents, technology can help to streamline our business and improve work productivity for our staff.

Here is a list of some of the technological innovations which Kingsley Healthcare have adopted to improve our business and life for our residents.

kingsley track & trace application at Kingsley care homes

Track and Trace

During these uncertain times, Kingsley Healthcare has launched an electronic track and trace system as part of its SafeStay initiative. This will help to keep care home residents, staff and visitors safe during the pandemic. Visitors to Kingsley’s head office and all its care homes will now fill their details and sign in safe-to-enter form by scanning a QR code using their mobile phone. In the case of a Covid 19 outbreak at one of Kingsley’s sites, an SMS alert can be sent to any visitors potentially affected. Kingsley’s IT director, Wasantha Darshana, said: “All visitors will be invited to scan the QR code after they have had their temperature checked. The new system, part of our SafeStay initiative, is contactless, providing an extra safeguard against infection.”

tovertafel magic table at Kingsley care homes

Tovertafel Magic Table

The Tovertafel Magic Table is a new and fun innovation being introduced into our care homes.  The box, created by company Active Cues, projects lights and games on to surfaces which residents can interact with to stimulate the senses.

The company has developed many games based on scientific research, and has been designed for those who suffer from dementia. The games can have a calming effect on residents who may be feeling agitated, and to help promote cognitive stimulation and communication. Our care homes have seen improvement in residents with physical activity and social interaction who really enjoy using the table.

PCS Person centred software at Kingsley care homes

Person Centered Software

Our care homes use person centered software to ensure life for our staff is more efficient and streamlined. The software can be adapted to staff within the care sector at different levels to improve work productivity and to manage care plans more effectively. Residents can also benefit from person centered software by using it to keep connected with their relatives. Apps also allow information to instantly be shared with hospitals, providing the best care for our residents.

radar healthcare compliance system at Kingsley care homes

Radar Healthcare

Radar is a compliance and governance software which ensures policies and regulations are always being met across our care homes. The software is used to manage audits and action plans, integrating with internal systems to simplify processes around compliance.

atlast medication system at Kingsley care homes

Atlas Medication

Atlas Medication is a software designed for care homes to provide a safer and more efficient way of administering and managing medication across our care homes. The electronic tracking system ensures medication stock levels are consistently maintained through efficient stock management and pharmacy integration.