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How we are leading a food revolution in our homes

Celebrated chef Ali Guenaoui has been appointed hospitality manager at Kingsley Healthcare with the aim of bringing a restaurant standard experience to all its care homes.

Ali, who began his career working in five star hotels in Morocco, ran successful restaurants in Norfolk for 23 years and is credited for bringing the taste of Morocco to the region.

He said: “When I met Kingsley CEO Daya Thayan I was impressed by how passionate he is about improving service and food quality in his homes.

“I thought I could bring something to his company and I am excited about what we are aiming to do, giving our residents the restaurant service they would have been used to earlier in their lives.”

He has been joined at Kingsley by his brother Said, who also worked in five star hotels in Morocco before joining Ali in Norfolk, running restaurants and a Norwich patisserie together.

They have been spending time at Kingsley’s homes around the country to introduce managers and chefs to their vision.

Ali said: “We began by improving the look of the dining rooms, and changing simple things such as the way food is presented. Then we started more detailed work on menus and nutrition.

“Our aim is to make lunchtime a restaurant experience for residents with real attention to detail, from polished cutlery to good service, and high quality food made from fresh produce.

“We want our residents to enjoy looking at and eating their food and our chefs to put passion into what they do.”

He said his aim was to inspire chefs to not just settle for what they do and to take pride in improving the service.

“We want chefs to have the opportunity to develop their career with us and to reward them if they are good,” he said.

kingsley healthcare hospitality
kingsley healthcare hospitality