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Vicky's Flowers from Friday Market shares bouquets with Hadleigh Nursing Home on Mother's Day

A Newmarket trader put a Mother’s Day smile on the faces of residents and staff at Hadleigh Nursing Home.

For Vicky, who has started her a new stall, Vicky’s Flowers, on Hadleigh’s Friday market, presented bright bouquets to everyone at the home.

Jan Seal, manager of the home in Friars Road, said: “Everyone was so touched by Vicky's thoughtfulness that they wanted to reciprocate her kindness.

“We took her a thank you card and a goody bag, with pens and notes pads so she can take down her flower orders.

“We all wish Vicky the very best on her new venture.”

The blooms were handed out by staff and they helped to further brighten the home as they welcomed limited numbers of relatives inside to visit residents following an easing of government restrictions.


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