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Couple celebrate 68th wedding anniversary at Queen Charlotte Care Home in Weymouth

Staff at Queen Charlotte Care Home surprised Ron, 92, and Gwyn Gill, 89, with a special celebration for their 68th wedding anniversary.

The couple, who have two children and six grandchildren, happily live together at the Kingsley Healthcare-run home in Chickerell Road, Chickerell, Ron fondly saying: “Gwyn has always been my sidekick.”

Through their married life they lived at Dibden Purlieu, on the edge of the New Forest, before moving to Preston, near Weymouth, changing the scenery from forest to sandy beaches.

Ron and Gwyn met when she was attending the YWCA (Young Women’s Christian Association) and Ron’s friend asked him to go along on the Sunday with him; on a Sunday the lady attending could invite a male friend to socialise. An evening out with his friend turned into the evening Ron meet Gwyn and the story began.

They began catching the train to work at Dorchester together and this led to many conversations on the way to work. After a while they decided they would date. Not long after, it was no secret that Ron and Gwyn had fallen in love. Ron said: “After we started to date it just got better.”

In March 1953 Ron and Gwyn got married in Holy Trinity Church in Weymouth.

Ron was in the Royal Observer Corps and then went on to work for Wimpey Homes.  Ron volunteered his time to set up the Weymouth U3A, this is an organisation that encourages the retired community to learn new skills and meet new people. Ron was the treasurer of the committee going on to be the chairman.

When Ron had spare time he enjoyed painting, photography and archery. Ron still has a good aim now!

Gwyn worked at Monsanto, then she went onto work at The Beaulieu Motor Museum in Brockenhurst; Gwyn enjoyed bringing up her children, Samantha now living in Dubai and Andrew more locally in Poole,  and keeping the family home running.

Before they had their children they travelled across Europe on many fantastic holidays. They started to travel again after retirement.

The holiday they treasure the most was in Saudi Arabia where their daughter was working at the time.

They agree the secret to their happy long relationship is “love and commitment”.


Author: Stephen Pullinger

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