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101-year-old Grace sees great-grandson Xander for first time as lockdown eases

It’s an image that captures the sheer joy of the lockdown easing for care home residents.

With babies now allowed to visit, 101-year-old Redwalls Nursing Home resident Grace Emery was able to see her 14th great-grandchild for the first time.

Jodie Solaiman, activities coordinator at the Kingsley Healthcare home in Weaverham Road, Sandiway, said: “It was such a special and precious moment, she lifted her arm up and put it around six-month-old Xander and held him tight. He was full of smiles and giggles when meeting his great grandma Grace.”

Grace’s daughter Pauline Hutchinson said: “I was thrilled to be able visit my mum and introduce her to her youngest great-grandchild, Xander for the very first time.
“Grace was 101 on April 4th and has been confined to bed for two years, making family visits virtually impossible for nearly a year. 
“Xander’s middle name is Zane, meaning Grace, named after his great grandma. When I carried him into his great grandma's room Grace firstly looked surprised and then smiled widely.
“Xander spent a happy 45 minutes sitting on her bed, laughing and playing. Grace watched him all the time with a gentle smile on her face. She quite naturally held his hand and put her arms around him to hold him steady.
“This visit was very special. When he is older, Xander will be told of how he visited his remarkable great Grandma for the first time, during the coronavirus pandemic, certainly a very special milestone in our family’s history!”
Pauline said her thanks went to all the staff at Redwalls for taking care of her so well during the pandemic. “You are all amazing,” she said.
Home administrator Sally Mault said: “As guidelines around care home visiting have been relaxed, staff were very excited to see a baby in the building again.”

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