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First memorial day at Downham Grange nursing home

Families of past residents at Downham Grange paid a return visit to the care home in Clackclose Road, Downham Market, on Saturday for a special memorial event.   More than 15 people attended the home’s first Memorial Day and took part in a simple ceremony to pay respects to their loved ones.   Visitors, staff and current residents gathered around a memorial bench in the home’s new memorial garden for lay preacher Steven Reid to make an address.   Families then wrote personal messages to their loved ones on tags with Forget-me-Not flower seeds embedded in them before planting them in the new garden.   The event finished with a buffet and organ music played by Mr Reid, who is a regular visitor to Downham Grange.   Some of the families then went to see residents they know in the home.   Activities coordinator Tracy Nicholls said: “The day went really well and we are going to make it an annual event.   “The families who came thought the memorial garden was beautiful and everyone thought a memorial day was a lovely idea.   “Even people who could not make it this time contacted me to express their support. One lady, Rhoda Bray wrote, ‘I am sad and disappointed I am unable to attend the Memorial Day. My dear mum lived at Downham Grange for seven years and made a lot of friends who included all the wonderful carers who looked after her during her stay. I shall visit the garden and remember all the residents I met at Downham Grange’.”

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