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Kingsley Dignity day at Highcliffe Nursing Home was to grant our residents wishes

Our lovely Ken requested a photograph of The Blue African Train. This particular picture holds special memories of the time that Ken spent in South Africa with his late wife. We framed this lovely memory for Ken and presented this to him for his room. Ken also listens to Lady in Red which also holds memories of his lovely wife. 

We then granted another wish for our lovely Harry who asked for a fish n chips meal. So Harry’s wish came true from the local chippie. Cod, chips and mushy peas with a lemon slice. 

We asked our lovely couple Tony and Ann what their wish would be. They asked for Pink Prosecco and their wish was granted served with a variety of cheese and biscuits compliment the Prosecco. Tony and Ann also kindly invited Monica another resident to join them. Maddie our Lifestyle poured their glasses.

Also, we asked wonderful couple Eve and Ron what their wish would be? They asked for a lovely cuppa in the sunshine to admire the flowers and the garden.

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Brackley Care Home achieves perfect 10 review score

Brackley Care Home has achieved a perfect 10 score on the prestigious review site,, only 10 months after opening. The score, calculated from the ratings given by residents, their families and visitors in reviews, ranks the Kingsley Healthcare nursing home number one in Northamptonshire.

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