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Victoria welcomed as new manager at Colne House

Congratulations to Victoria Franklin who has been appointed as manager of Colne House after working at the residential home for more than 10 years.
Victoria started out as a support worker before progressing to senior and, more recently, deputy manager.
She said: “I had done domiciliary care earlier in my career and enjoyed it but was frustrated at not being able to spend enough time with the people I was caring for.“
After a decade managing a children’s nursery in Germany she returned to the UK and was attracted to working at Colne House because of the beautiful building and grounds.
“Once you are here, something keeps you here, I love the building, the residents and the staff,” she said.
Victoria said she had been inspired by former home manager, now regional operations director Georgina Johnston to rise up the ranks.
She said: “Gina was a go-getter and she wanted things done properly. It made me want to become a manager. I have learned a lot and I feel the time is right for me now.
“There isn’t a job I haven’t done at Colne, I have worked nights, cooked Sunday dinner and filled in for the maintenance man when he has been off sick.”
Victoria said keeping a good relationship with staff was vitally important as “if they are not happy, the residents won’t be happy and the residents are the reason we are here”.
She said she would be focused on improving every part of the building to make it the best it can be; her aim was also to build on the already excellent relationship with the village.


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Author: Stephen Pullinger

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