WINGS – Our philosophy that respects everyone as an individual

The importance of person-centred care was instilled in our WINGS lead Emma Hammond during the many years she played a central role in the care of her much-loved grandmother who had complex mental health needs.

“From an early age I realised that the people who cared for her struggled to understand what made her tick,” she said.

“When she became upset and emotional at times it was because she was not being listened to. Care was always given better when I was there to support her.”

Emma said she was passionate about teaching the WINGS programme, Kingsley’s unique brand of person-centred care, to every staff member from support workers and chefs to maintenance men and home managers.

“The letters stand for Welcoming, Individuality, Nurturing, Guidance and Sensitivity and we ensure they really mean something,” she said.

“At every Kingsley home we are welcoming and we treat each person as an individual with nurturing, guidance and sensitivity – every individual’s needs are seen holistically, not just our residents but our staff too.”

She said what always underpinned the best care was the need to understand an individual’s needs, their life history and what was important to them.

“Even on a simple level, people can like their tea milky, black, with no sugar, one lump or two,” she said.

“It’s important to find out everything we can about residents by talking to them and their families and friends.”

WINGS by Kingsley care homes
Kingsley WINGS

Our wellbeing coordinators are at the heart of WINGS

When you come to live in one of our care homes we want you to see it as an exciting new chapter in your life.

All our staff, led by our wellbeing coordinators, will support you to carry on doing the things you love whether that is painting, knitting, baking or shopping.

One of our residents had been a great jazz musician but had stopped playing when life became a struggle at home.

When he moved into one of our care homes staff rekindled his enthusiasm and he was soon playing the piano for other residents’ birthdays!

Meaningful activities can be as simple as helping with household chores

If you were a house-proud mother and a home maker it might be important for you to still help with simple jobs such as folding linen, dusting or peeling vegetables once you have moved into a care home.

Some residents might enjoy helping the maintenance person, painting fences or weeding the garden.

Helping around the home can provide a reassuring sense of normality and make residents feel good about themselves.

Emma said: “Organising activities is not just the job of wellbeing activities; they can lead and co-ordinate but there has to be a whole team approach.”

dementia care with kingsley wings approach
Looking for a care home for yourself or a loved one can be a very emotional time.

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Kingsley are here to help, and support anyone that needs it. We aim to support residents and their families in any matters affecting their care.