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Anti-Slavery Statement

As an operator of 30 care homes we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional levels of care to our residents, with each care plan tailored to an individuals requirements.

As the face of Kingsley Healthcare, our employees are a key component of our care delivery. Alongside them, some of the most important third party stakeholders in this regard are our suppliers and as a company, we predominantly use UK based suppliers and endeavour to develop closes times with then in order to keep our supply chain relatively short.

Our commitment

We are committed to identifying, preventing and monitoring risks of slavery, human trafficking and forced labour in our supply chain and operations. We have a zero tolerance approach to such practices.

However, we realise that words are not enough, given the importance of the issue, and that is why we have or are putting in place a number of significant actions to ensure that we are able to meet and surpass this commitment.
These are:

  • Slavery and human trafficking risk mapping – we use the expertise of key stakeholders to help us to identify areas for action, including reviewing the risk of slavery and human trafficking in our supply chains but, also closer to home, in our recruitment process.
  • Modern slavery policy – this now forms part of our main Employment Booklet with the policy itself being rolled out to all employees, irrespective or grade and location. The policy is key as it gives our employees the tools to identity modern slavery and report it.
  • Management guidance – alongside the policy we have taken additional steps to help managers identify potential issues and also ensure that any issues that are reported to them are dealt with correctly.
  • Procurement – we expect our suppliers to adopt the same zero tolerance that we do to modern slavery. Accordingly, we are working with suppliers to introduce contractual obligations that require them to adopt this approach and are taking that into account as part of our procurement process.

Whilst we are proud of the steps we are taking, we realise that it is just the start and over the next 12 months we will not only ensure that the work done to date is reinforced, but also continue to consider how this can be improved on going forward.

Some of the accreditations and awards we’re really proud of:

  • We are a Living Wage Employer
  • Regulated by Care Quality Commission
  • chuk 2023 v3
  • Enabling Research in Care Homes
  • Pinders Healthcare Design Awards 2019 Winner
  • napa logo gs