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Patikiri Kumbalathara Foundation
Rooted in Community, Blossoming in Service

The Patikiri Kumbalathara Foundation is a vibrant testament to the spirit of community that is integral to Kingsley Healthcare's philosophy.  This esteemed foundation is the brainchild of our co-founder, Sumi Thayan, whose roots lie in the enchanting town of Matugama in the south of Sri Lanka.

Matugama, renowned for its lush landscapes and breath-taking plantations of rice paddy, rubber and tea, also nurtured in a young Sumi the invaluable principles of community engagement and service.  Her father, a planter and businessman, working alongside her mother, a dedicated school teacher, instilled in her a deep appreciation for the strength of a united and harmonious community.  With these enduring values and the vibrant spirit of Matugama’s hardworking people inspiring her, Sumi, along with her husband Daya, established the Patikiri-Kumbalathara Foundation.

Honouring Sumi's parents, the foundation embodies the ethos of giving back to the community that has given so much to them.  Its mission encompasses an array of assistance programs, from supporting local schools and after-school education, to offering scholarships for higher studies.  It extends to providing aid to monasteries, backing plantation activities, community healthcare initiatives and fostering a variety of community support initiatives.


Every year, Sumi and Daya, along with their children, Cameron and Ewan, and fellow Kingsley colleagues, make a journey to participate directly in the foundation's activities.


Their efforts are a heartfelt testament to their dedication to strengthening the community bonds and ensuring the foundation’s efforts directly benefit those they endeavour to assist.

The Patikiri-Kumbalathara Foundation is not just a symbol of Kingsley Healthcare's commitment to community service; it reflects our core values of empathy, compassion and a respect for all people.

Our work through the foundation underlines our pledge to enrich the lives of the communities we serve, just as they continue to enrich ours. Together, we are stronger. Together, we are Kingsley.

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Some of the accreditations and awards we’re really proud of:

  • We are a Living Wage Employer
  • Regulated by Care Quality Commission
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  • Enabling Research in Care Homes
  • Pinders Healthcare Design Awards 2019 Winner
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