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Respite care

Respite care is a service we provide for those who prefer a short-term stay in our care homes. It’s also known as temporary care or “short stays”. It can be an excellent option for many people either needing a break from their regular routine or an introduction to what life may look like for them in a care home – and all the many rewarding and positive aspects this transition could contribute to their lives.

What is respite care?

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Our tailor-made approach means we match the experience to the resident. Our team of highly trained and qualified carers and nurses have the expert knowledge and skills to ensure their stay is enjoyable and caters to their specific requirements.

Respite care often involves convalescent care. We understand how hard it is to provide ongoing care, and our respite care services can provide a critical break for those caring for frail loved ones who need convalescent care after suffering a setback in health or wellbeing.

Our facilities are geared to offer world-class convalescent care processes so that family or outside carers can see to their own daily chores, go on holiday or simply have a bit of time off.

Our respite residents enjoy the same top-quality services we provide all our residents, such as delectable food, luxuriously comfortable surroundings, fun activities, and a friendly, unobtrusive, and supportive team to offer discreet assistance should it be required. We create a warm, welcoming atmosphere where our residents feel supported and cared for, irrespective of how short or long the duration of their stay is. Family and friends can pop in to visit at any time.

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Benefits of respite care?

Those making use of our care homes’ respite care options can enjoy a brief getaway from their own homes (or those of family if living with them), with the added attractions of superb meals, opportunities to socialise, and fun activities. Many respite care residents think of their stay with us as an indulgent holiday.

Respite care stays are also a superb opportunity for carers to take a well-deserved breather from their caring responsibilities or if they go on holiday or need a break.

One of the most significant and sometimes unexpected benefits of respite care stays is that the short-term residents can experience what life in one of our luxurious care homes may feel like for them. This experience is often so positive that it transitions into a full-time permanent residence. The process is smooth, comforting, and positive for all involved.

The team already knows the resident and their individual needs and requirements, routine and likes or dislikes. So, whether it’s on a personal level or regarding their medical, logistical, or physical needs, the transition is far quicker and easier. This means less upheaval and stress for families and their loved ones.

Our team is always on hand to chat about the various care options and whether this experience could transition into full-time residential care. You’re more than welcome to reach out to us during your stay to discuss moving to the home permanently.


  • 24 hour support, seven days a week
  • A true home-from-home
  • Support with everyday tasks
  • Delicious food and regular activities always on offer

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Whatever your situation, we're here to help and advise you. Our friendly care services team have a sympathetic ear and can guide you through the steps to finding the support you need.

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