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Former Swedish beauty queen celebrates 104th birthday at Woodbridge Lodge!

Former Swedish beauty queen celebrates 104th birthday at Woodbridge Lodge! As an 18 year old she had danced with legendary French actor Maurice Chevalier on board a liner taking her to the Miss Universe pageant in the USA.   For her birthday photographs today (Nov 25, former Miss Sweden Inga Wheeler still showed the confident smile of a beauty queen in front of the camera – at the age of 104.   Mrs Wheeler (nee Norberg) was celebrating her birthday with family and fellow residents at Woodbridge Lodge care home to which she moved only three months ago from sheltered housing.   She confidently stated that her long life and good health was down to “clean living” – but added that had never stopped her from enjoying her favourite tipples, whisky and gin and tonic.   Her son Denis, 75, who lives in nearby Rendlesham, was proud to reel off the amazing life story of his mother who has six grandchildren and eight great grandchildren living as far afield as Australia and Kenya.   He told how she had left her home in Sweden and travelled on a luxury liner to New York, and then down to Miami, to take part in the 1931 Miss Universe pageant at Galveston, Texas.   After marrying fellow Swede Louis Faugust she had migrated to the then British colony of Kenya.   The couple returned to Sweden for the birth of their daughter June and son Denis before settling back in Kenya where Mr Faugust ran a coffee farm.   Following a divorce, she married British Army major George Wheeler but later separated from him. Her son said: “My mother worked as a safari guide for passengers coming to Tsavo national park from the ships docking at Mombasa.   “She also worked for a time as housekeeper at the exclusive Mombasa Club.” In 1970 she moved back to England and became companion to an elderly woman, giving her the companionship and independence to enable her to carry on living at home; they often went out on day trips together.   Later in life from 1971 -1972, she took the position of head housemaid at Government House in Bermuda where she met President Nixon. Mrs Wheeler felt it was a great privilege to work here and it gave her great job satisfaction.    In 1972 she returned to join her family and took on roles as a companion for various wealthy families as this was a job she enjoyed. Mrs Wheeler. pictured with her son and as an 18-year-old, retired to Leiston where she lived in sheltered accommodation close to her son who worked as an engineer.

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Public praises care staff on Highcliffe Home's first outing since the start of the pandemic

The public praised care staff and warmly greeted residents as Highcliffe Nursing Home organised its first big outing since the start of the pandemic. Residents were pushed in wheelchairs from the Kingsley Healthcare home in Stuart Road, Highcliffe to their favourite Cliffhanger café on the seafront.

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