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Rebel the parrot takes his perch in care home

An owner of a parrot which confused a village care home with his cheeky impressions is “ecstatic” after staff helped him find a new bird for company.   Rebel the parrot kept staff at Brooke House, in Brooke, on their toes with his impressions of a call bell used by residents to summon help. He also mimicked the telephone and had even started impersonating members of the management team.   Staff were run ragged by false alarms but everyone at the home was left upset when he escaped from his cage and disappeared, only to be found dead on a nearby road days later.   His owner, Roy Hagley, 54, was devastated when it happened earlier this year, but now staff have helped him find a new parrot to keep him company.   Hayley Hirst, deputy manager of the Kingsley Healthcare run home, said Mr Hagley was “ecstatic” after taking ownership of a 14 week-old African Grey, which he has also named Rebel.   “We found a breeder in Norwich and Roy has been visiting every couple of weeks to see his new bird,” said Mrs Hirst. “Because he has been hand reared he is far tamer. If he is out on top of his cage he will happily come on to your shoulder.   “He is starting to get to know our other residents as well.” She said they had also helped Mr Hagley buy a larger, more secure cage as it is thought the original Rebel opened his cage door himself. Mr Hagley said he was very pleased to have a new parrot after the death of Rebel.   “I am so pleased to have a new parrot as I really missed Rebel and it seems such a long time since he went away,” he said. “It is great to see my new parrot growing up.”   The new parrot has already started to say hello but staff at the home said they will have to wait and see if he becomes as talkative as Rebel Senior.

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Public praises care staff on Highcliffe Home's first outing since the start of the pandemic

The public praised care staff and warmly greeted residents as Highcliffe Nursing Home organised its first big outing since the start of the pandemic. Residents were pushed in wheelchairs from the Kingsley Healthcare home in Stuart Road, Highcliffe to their favourite Cliffhanger café on the seafront.

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