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Speak with a Dementia Friend for support and advice on dementia care

Dementia can affect anyone at any time and it has taken years to gain a good understanding of the disability. But it is now more than ever that people diagnosed with dementia are able to live a long and fulfilling life whether that be at home with family or in a care setting with new friends, there are many success stories to go along with it. However it’s important to gain as much knowledge as you can to receive the best care and guidance possible to help prepare you or a loved one, should care be a factor of the future. Professionals are working hard to change attitudes towards dementia and working towards enabling people to continue doing the things they enjoy and love. There is also an endless amount of help and support for those in a caring role and empowering people with the knowledge needed to make everyday tasks easier.   Woodbridge Lodge is opening its doors on the 10th July between 1pm and 4pm to give advice and support to the community and surrounding area.On this open day there will be a dementia friend who will be there to answer any questions you may have.    There will also be fun entertainment and food to enjoy such as a Falconry display and delicious cream teas on offer. This day is completely free for all to enjoy.    The Home Manager of Woodbridge Lodge, Lorraine Young says “It will be a fantastic chance to bring the community together and provide much needed advice and support on dementia and care. At Woodbridge Lodge we want to be different by working closely with the community and going the extra mile to support Woodbridge in any way we can, so please come and enjoy this wonderful afternoon.”  

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