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Nursing Home residents send letter of support to student nurse struggling in lockdown

Residents at Hadleigh Nursing Home have written a morale-boosting letter to a student nurse struggling with the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

They were prompted by a Facebook plea from Chloe Greet’s mother Emma, who wrote: “My daughter is studying to be a student nurse at Colchester. She is really struggling with the isolation.

“She is at university by herself as everyone has gone home. She has not come home as she is on a placement.

“Here is where I’m hoping you can help. I am looking for people to help lift her spirits through a simple letter.”

Pete Vano, maintenance person at Hadleigh Nursing Home, in Friars Road, Hadleigh, said: “My partner saw the Facebook post and I immediately thought our lovely residents could help.

“They have experienced the isolation of the coronavirus lockdown themselves with family visits having to be stopped for long periods during the past year to protect them from the virus.”

He sat down with a group of residents and included all their messages in a letter to Chloe.

Among them, Yolanda Farthing wrote: “To choose to be a nurse is a most admirable career…I think nurses are God’s angels on earth, you will be in my prayers.”

Pamela Simmons wrote: “Keep up the good work. I have not been able to see my family either. But I have lovely people and nurses looking after me. We have bad and good days but we are still here to tell the tale, bless you.”

June Ede wrote: “I hope that once this is all over you get to have a lovely big family party. Well done, keep up the good work.”

Alan Matthews added: “I think nurses are beautiful inside and out.” 


Author: Stephen Pullinger

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