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Families are bringing the hum of happiness back into our homes

We are thrilled that changes to government guidelines mean we are returning to much more normal daily life in our homes. For the relatives of our residents and families inquiring about care, this means we are able to give reassuring answers to the following key questions:

Can I visit the home and meet the manager?

Yes, new inquirers can now book a visit to look around the home and discuss their loved one’s needs face-to-face with the manager. Virtual tours have been a Godsend during the pandemic but we understand they are no substitute for visiting the home and getting a feel for it.

Can I help my mother/father settle in?

Yes, on the day your loved one moves in, you will be welcome to join them in the home, following a rapid Covid test and temperature check, to help them unpack and settle in. It’s a great opportunity to meet and get to know our staff.

Can I make regular visits?

Family visits bring the hum of happiness into our homes and we are delighted to see the government easing visiting restrictions from Monday, April 12. Residents are now able to nominate up to two named relatives or friends who can book regular indoor visits.  

People aged under 18 can be nominated as one of the visitors; additionally, children under the age of two, including babies, may visit without being included as a nominated visitor.

Adult visitors will be asked to take a rapid Covid test, wear supplied PPE and follow all infection control guidance.
Visitors and residents may wish to hold hands but they are advised to keep physical contact to a minimum to avoid any risk of transmission.
Many thanks to our families who have been so understanding during the coronavirus lockdowns we have all endured; with summer on the horizon and the vaccination programme proceeding apace we feel that positive times are ahead.

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