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Brackley Care Home supports new community bus service

Brackley Care Home has made a £500 donation towards an exciting new community bus service for the town.
The community interest company, Ability, has expanded its Northamptonshire and north Oxfordshire services to include a bus dedicated to Brackley and, eventually, surrounding villages.
The bus will be parked at Brackley Care Home, in Wellington Road, Brackley, where staff have pledged to clean it on a weekly basis.
Ability administrator Dan Green said: “We are very grateful for the donation and excited to be working with Brackley Care Home. Our services are predominantly aimed at older people, including care home residents.”
Initially, the bus will be operating a town route on a Friday morning, linking housing areas with the new medical centre, hospital, Sainsbury’s and Argos store.
As passenger numbers pick up, additional services will be offered on Monday and Wednesday and surrounding villages will be included in the route.
Details of the services will be listed on the website
To use the services, people will need to register by filling an online form on the website.
Brackley Care Home manager Sheena Croston said: “We are delighted to be supporting the growth of this community bus service which will be a lifeline for older people in the area. I am sure many of our residents will enjoy using the bus.”

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